Linda For All


Linda Redmon is the right person to unite Snohomish. Linda has the heart, leadership skills and experience to bring us together. #TogetherWeThrive.

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Linda's Priorities

Business Support

Businesses are our vital partners

  • Ensure adequate infrastructure to retain businesses, attract new businesses, and encourage innovation
  • Proactively plan for growth and the impact to the community
  • Address housing and transportation needs of workers


Housing is essential to community

  • Secure state policies and funding to support adequate housing availability
  • Work with non-profits and County to address homelessness
  • Keep utility costs stable and ensure equitable access to assistance


Protect our beautiful surroundings

  • Support staffing and funding to maintain our parks and trails
  • Focus on sustainability in policies and practices
  • Support volunteer efforts to enhance our natural attractions

Public Safety

A core priority for all

  • Promote open communication between law enforcement and the community
  • Address issues that contribute to crime in our community
  • Promote community involvement in safety programs


Build trust and understanding

  • Increased opportunities and ease of access to city government for all
  • Multiple modes of communication, including streaming and conferencing
  • Offer communications in the languages of our community


Together we can do great things

  • Maintain strong relationships between Council and Mayor
  • Foster relationships with community leaders, faith community, non-profit organizations, and businesses
  • Advocate for our needs at the County, State and Federal levels